The Federation of European Nutrition Societies (FENS) has been established in 1979, particularly for the European nutritional science community and as a firmer basis for the European Nutrition Conferences, launched for the first time in 1973, where the national nutrition societies from all over Europe can connect, share and exchange information, knowledge and ideas.

Therefore, the most important advantage of being a member of FENS is being a member of a European organization dedicated to nutrition, which unifies the European nutrition societies and represents each of them and their country under one roof.

All FENS members are strongly encouraged to take advantage of this fact and participate actively in FENS.

Apart of the before mentioned, all FENS member societies have also the advantage of

• presenting scientific topics at the FENS European Nutrition Conference, with the correspondent membership advantages. 
• being included in any activity FENS is planning and/or conducting 
• taking part on existing task forces (European institutions, Eastern Europe, Mediterranean area, etc) or suggest new ones. 
• making suggestions and proposals to the FENS board for any topic (organization, scientific aspects, regional aspects, etc.) 
• taking part in the bidding process for organizing the FENS European Nutrition Conference, which is taking place every 4 years in a different European country and city. 
• making proposals for a candidate for the FENS Board, which is elected for 4 years (in the FENS General Assembly during the FENS Conference), and taking part in the election. 
• being represented by the Federation within the International Union of Nutrition Sciences (IUNS) and participate in its international nutrition congresses (also every four years)

The minimum requirements for being a FENS Member Society are:

• FENS admits only national nutrition societies or similar organizations for membership, no individuals. 
• Only one Nutrition Society from each country can be member of FENS. 
• The Society has to be representative for the nutritional science community of its country and therefore to count with a representative number of members. 
• The Society must formally accept the ethical principals of FENS (COI-Statement and Sponsorship & Fundraising Statements). 
• The Society organizes a least one nutrition conference or meeting every year. 
• The Society holds an assembly for members every year. 
• The Society avoids to hold their society conferences/meetings at the same time when the FENS European Nutrition Conference is taking place. 
• The Society has to pay its annual FENS membership fee*

*If the society is in delay with its membership payments, it cannot take advantage of the before mentioned within FENS (participation in bidding process for the FENS Euopean Nutrition Conference, proposal and election of FENS board members, taking part in or suggesting task forces, etc.) until the payments of the membership fees are up to date.