Meeting ASN-FENS at ICN 2017

Please, inform your delegate(s) at the ICN that FENS is meeting with ASN on Wednesday at 18:00 until 18:30 local time in the hall throught the door (when the bar ends) at the lobby/Registration Level. Formally, it is the big hall located at the Park Tower section of the Sheraton. ASN has promised to make the arragements. We will discuss mainly the elements of a memorandum of understanding with the aim to intensify the cooperation between US/Canada and Europe.  

best regards

Heiner Boeing


FENS meeting IUNS

Dear friends, attached you find the agenda for our meeting at ICN2017 in Buenos Aires. As already announced we have a room reserved (OMBU A which is located on the second floor of the Sheraton Hotel). The meeting is intended to give a report of the FENS board members regarding the activities and also to discuss the bid to host the ICN in 2025 in Paris. It would be wonderful, if all European IUNS members are convinced that the French Nutrition Society has a concept that allows to vote for Paris in view of the competitors.

IUNS congress Buenos Aires

Dear friends, the IUNS- conference in Buenos Aires is appearing on the horizon. There are several issues which for which I would like to attract your attention:

FENS ASN collaboration

Dear FENS member,

There have been discussions within the FENS board regarding an official collaboration between FENS and ASN (American Society of Nutrition). This discussion was also triggered by invitations of ASN to individual European Nutrition Societies to meet at the upcoming ICN-congress in Buenos Aires in October this year. Most of the approached societies asked the FENS board to clarify with ASN whether one common meeting between FENS and its individual member societies and ASN could be organized,

SEE Initiative

Dear friends,

we would like to draw your attention to our first meeting of the FENS working group on Food Based Dietary Guidelines on September, 22/23 in Bruessels. For this meeting and the subsequent work,  the nutrition societies of FENS could nominate a member.

First meeting of the FBDG Working group

Dear friend, we now have finalized the planning for a first meeting of our FENS-FBDG-Group at the 21/22. of September in Brussels. In cooperation with this group, we could continue our plans to increase the collaboration between the different groups in the Southern European Region.

FENS Working group on Food Based Dietary Guidelines - status

Dear members, thanks for the nomminations. You can see from the  list  that we have now a very good group together. A first meeting will be organized by the Belgian Nutrition Society in Brussels at the 21/22 September 2017. Invitation will soon be send to the working group members.

Delphi process regarding ethics

Dear members, CEDAR of the University of Cambridge started an initiative to evaluate ethics for the relation between science and food industry. The scientific group in Cambridge is going to approach also the Nutrition Societies for input. Thus, it could be that you are already been contacted. Otherwise, if you are interested to participate you might contact the organisors for being involved.

Task force update

Dear friends, we did receive some responses to our request to submit names for the FENS-working group on Food Based Dietray Guidelines. However, it is the aim to have one name per member Society in order to have a good coverage of Europe and persons that bring the results of the Task-Force activities back to the member societies. Please, be so kind and give official response when you have identified the respresentative Person for this task force if not done yet. Below a further description about the purpose of the task force. Attached is the list of nominees as currently recorded.